“I gave you all I had. I did.”

“I’m afraid. We’re all scared of dying, friend.”

“I ain’t got time to be scared, miss.”

“We all die, Arthur. It’s what you do before that counts.”

“I’m afraid I’m not a good man, Sadie. But I’m a good enough man to love you.”

“Sometimes, the good guys lose.”

“I gave everything to them and they took everything from me.”

“I’m just a washed-up old man. I don’t deserve redemption.”

“I tried to be a good father. I tried.”

“I’ve seen things… things ain’t gonna change the way I see them.”

“We’re more ghosts than people now.” WILL POWER QUOTES IN ENGLISH

“I guess we never really escaped from that hellhole.”

“I’ve killed too many innocent people, Arthur. There’s no redemption for me.”

“We can’t change what’s done. We can only move on.”

“We’re just people, Arthur. We ain’t meant to change the world.”

“I’m dying, son. And I’m afraid.”

“It’s a goddamn mess, Dutch. It always has been.”

“We’re all gonna die, Arthur. We’re just a dying breed.”

“I can’t outrun my sins.”

“There’s no happy ending for people like us.”