“Jeevanor sur prane oi shyamora anurage”

(In life’s melody, there’s a touch of sadness)

“Moromor anurage, abismar saulor swarge”

(In the love of the heart, the soul resides in eternity)

“Amar agoloi dukh ronoknoi, amar nale sakoli bilapnoi”

(My tears can’t express my pain fully, my words can’t capture my sorrow entirely)

“Dinar sunu hridoye, mofiye aru anibo loi, anurage jale moru jivanor jui”

(I will bury my sorrows deep within, and float on the waves of love)

“Xondhya hridoyor pratik, ai mur babe xuror jontrik”

(A symbol of a broken heart, I am a magician of tears)

“Xongxoi jeevanore anurage, moi bhori thakim boroxhun dinor”

(In the empty moments of life, I will remain forever)

“Nisina hridoyor thakilu akhom, nixa xokolu val pbhale mone”

(In the silent heart, tears silently flow)

“Pranor boraile anurag loi, jibonot dukh jetia loi”

(In the depth of my soul, love resides, but life is full of pain)

“Sukh dukh jotile, bisaribo val xakole”

(In the duality of joy and sorrow, I will forget everything)

“Moi parilu khuje xandh fere, anurage bosinu bedonare”

(I’m lost searching in the darkness, sitting in the lap of sadness)

“Brishti hual ishore mur jibon, bimpulo agolokor sahore”

(Rain became the essence of my life, drowning me in the world of darkness)

“Xopunore aru rodore chai jetia loi, anurage moru abekh bhuloi”

(In dreams and cries, I long to forget with love)

“Xulore kiyo mur dekh, antore sarahe dhorilekh”

(In the dust, I saw my reflection, embracing it in my heart)

“Lagise moi xoka pora, kene dheka moromor ora”

(I feel wounded, why can’t they see my broken heart)

“Moi xuna tumar kobita, antore jetia loi bisareta”

(I read your poem, it touched my heart, but made me forget)

“Pranor xandhan tubu, aihe kene janu” NEED TRUE LOVE QUOTES

(The pain in my soul, why can’t anyone understand)

“Aai mur babe roi lukai, sobudure dukhone xukai”

(I cry silently, hiding my pain from everyone)

“Xopunar ronge mur bedonar bhore, bhenge dile suwali jibonor pora”

(In the colors of dreams, my pain is broken, shattered like a fragile vessel of life)

“Xandha rongore jibonar pothor shanti loi, jui hoboloi jolonte anurage mur sobhore”

(In the darkness of life’s path, I will find peace, a fish swimming in the waters of love)

“Dina mur babe suti pati, xudha neparile antora ghati”

(My days are like sleepless nights, if only my heart could find solace)

“Brishti hual keba pothorot, moi hoboloi vali vrahorot”

(Who knows when the rain will stop, I will be forever stuck in storms)

“Dhire dhire mur hridoyore, pasa pasa antoraku thakilu bukutore”

(Slowly, in my heart, sadness has turned into a cage)

“Moi mur bedonar filsiri, jotile puhori xoroi”

(I am a traveler of pain, walking on the path of tears)

“Xandha bisali mur hridoyore, dosa jibonor xopunore”

(Darkness resides in my heart, sadness drowns in the dreams of life)

“Xopunore jen xapona xopuni, mur ajonto bhulire atut anuragi”

(In the realm of dreams, I exist as a dream, an eternal dreamer of unending love)

“Moi murlo guitaror janu, xikimu muk golot anurage mur hridoyu”

(I died as the strings of a guitar, my heart echoing with the melody of love)

“Dukhor ghumothore, hoboloi acidore”

(In the darkness of pain, I dissolve like acid)

“Biharar pradeep, uthili mur hridoyore bhaori”

(The lamp of separation has lit up in my heart)

“Xoka hile moi khuji mur xoka, bedonar sundor anurage jola”

(As the world shakes, I search for my world, in the beautiful flame of sadness)

“Lukai moi mur bedonore, antoror kuoli uthil oi dhoulore”

(I hide my pain, in the timeless dusk)