Sure, here are 28 quotes from the drama “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo”:

“I’ll create a world where you can be happy.” – Fourth Prince Wang So

“No matter how much time has passed, or how much things have changed, the moon will shine the same.” – Hae Soo

“Even a person with a hardened heart can change for the right woman.” – Fourth Prince Wang So

“Sometimes, it’s the people who know you the least who can give you the most comfort.” – Hae Soo

“Surviving in a cruel world… sometimes all you have is your pride.” – Eighth Prince Wang Wook

“Only truth can be trusted.” – Hae Soo

“The closer you are to someone, the more painful it is to lose them.” – Hae Soo

“There’s a difference between protecting someone and owning someone.” – Fourth Prince Wang So

“In order to change, you have to be willing to risk everything.” – Eighth Prince Wang Wook

“Sometimes, we have to let go of what we want for the greater good.” – Hae Soo

“Sometimes we have to fight for what we want, even if it means going against everyone else.” – Fourth Prince Wang So

“The stronger the love, the more it hurts.” – Hae Soo

“Sometimes, love is not enough to overcome everything.” – Eighth Prince Wang Wook

“Sometimes, the people who hurt us the most are the ones we love the most.” – Fourth Prince Wang So

“I never knew that love could be so painful.” – Hae Soo THANK YOU GOD FOR PROTECTING ME QUOTES

“Life is full of regrets, but we have to keep moving forward.” – Eighth Prince Wang Wook

“We can’t change the past, but we can strive to make a better future.” – Hae Soo

“In order to save someone, you have to be willing to lose them.” – Fourth Prince Wang So

“Even in the darkest of times, there is always a glimmer of hope.” – Hae Soo

“We should cherish the time we have with the people we love, because we never know how long it will last.” – Eighth Prince Wang Wook

“Love is not something that can be forced, it has to come naturally.” – Fourth Prince Wang So

“Sometimes, the sacrifices we make for love are worth it.” – Hae Soo

“Power can corrupt even the most innocent of hearts.” – Eighth Prince Wang Wook

“In the end, all we have is ourselves.” – Hae Soo

“It’s better to live your life with no regrets than to wonder what could have been.” – Fourth Prince Wang So

“No matter how painful it is, we have to let go of the past and move on.” – Hae Soo

“Sometimes, revenge is the only way to find peace.” – Eighth Prince Wang Wook

“In the midst of chaos, there is always a chance for love to blossom.” – Fourth Prince Wang So

Note: These quotes are from the Korean historical drama “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” and are subject to interpretation.