“I do it for the smiles, not the applause.”

“A little laughter goes a long way.”

“Being a clown is all about spreading joy and silliness.”

“Life is better with a red nose on.”

“I may be silly, but I’m also incredibly brave.”

“Laughter is the best medicine, and I’m the clown-pharmacist.”

“Clowns aren’t just for circus, we’re in your hearts too.”

“Don’t be afraid to be goofy, it’s the key to happiness.”

“In a world full of serious faces, be the clown that stands out.”

“Behind the painted smile, lies a heart filled with laughter.”

“Clowning around is serious business.” QUOTES ABOUT BOOKS BEING INSPIRATIONAL

“We clowns have the power to turn frowns upside down.”

“Life is a circus, and I’m the jester.”

“I find purpose in making people giggle.”

“I embrace the absurdity of life and share it with others.”

“Clowns bring people together through laughter.”

“There’s something magical about the power of a silly wig.”

“Clowning is an art form that tickles your soul.”

“In a world that takes itself too seriously, clowns are a breath of fresh air.”

“I spread laughter like confetti, and I love every moment of it.”