“Every life is valuable, no matter how small.”

“Life begins at conception.”

“Choose life, because every child deserves a chance.”

“Protect the unborn, for they have a right to life too.”

“Abortion is silent violence against innocent lives.”

“Each life is a gift, don’t let it go to waste.”

“Life is the most precious thing – cherish it.”

“Love both the mother and the child; they both deserve a future.”

“Unborn children have the right to be born and fulfill their potential.”

“Abortion doesn’t solve problems; it creates heartache.”

“A mother’s womb should be the safest place in the world.”

“Adoption is a loving alternative to abortion.”

“No one has the right to play God and decide who deserves life.” BEST EMOTIONAL QUOTES

“Pregnancy doesn’t define a woman’s success; it makes her powerful.”

“Every innocent life lost to abortion is a tragedy.”

“Life is a miracle; don’t take it for granted.”

“There is always hope in choosing life.”

“Abortion is not empowerment; it’s surrendering to fear.”

“A society that values life is a society that flourishes.”

“Abortion ends a heartbeat and a world of possibilities.”

“Even the smallest life deserves a chance to make a difference.”

“No one has the right to deny another person’s right to live.”

“Choose life, and you’ll never have to regret that decision.”

“The unborn have dreams too; don’t destroy them.”

“Life is a journey; embrace it from the very beginning.”