“I am Smaug! I kill where I wish and none dare resist!”

“The King under the Mountain is dead! I laid low his warriors of old!”

“I am fire! I am… DEATH!”

“The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn!”

“Flattery will not be sufficient!”

“I am almost tempted to let you take the precious Arkenstone… Almost.”

“You will burn and you will blister in the dark!”

“The gold, the jewels, the mithril… Mine, mine, MINE!”

“I am the Lord of Esgaroth, King Under the Mountain!”

“Your legends are false! As false as your hope!”

“I was shaped and burned in the fire of the dragon.”

“You may have come for treasure, but you will leave only in ashes!”

“The dwarves killed all my family, they stole my birthright!”

“I am the desolation of Smaug! The terror of the North!” QUOTES ABOUT BEING BITTER PERSON

“Your little thieves cannot hide from my sight!”

“I smell dwarf in your blood!”

“I am Smaug, the Magnificent!”

“I am the greatest dragon of this age! None can compare!”

“I am a mighty fire-breathing dragon and you are nothing!”

“I am far more powerful than any of you can fathom!”

“You dare to challenge me? Your arrogance will be your downfall!”

“All that survives of the great kingdom of Dale will be mine!”

“Do you think you can sneak into my lair and steal from me?”

“I will reduce this town to ashes before I’m done!”

“You cannot defeat me, for I am the last of the great dragons!”

“I am Smaug, the Golden, and I will rule all of Middle-earth!”