“My social anxiety has a phone addiction. It always tells me to hang up.”

“I don’t have social anxiety. I have selective social interaction.”

“I have social anxiety, but luckily, I also have a great sense of humor. It’s like my anxiety’s sidekick, making awkward situations slightly more bearable.”

“Social anxiety is like having a mini panic attack every time someone says, ‘Let’s go around and introduce ourselves.'”

“My social anxiety is so bad that I even get nervous when my phone rings. I’m like, ‘Oh no, an unexpected conversation!'”

“I love to Netflix and avoid all human contact.”

“Social anxiety is like playing hide and seek, but you’re the only one hiding and nobody is seeking.”

“I’m not antisocial, I just suffer from socially awkward tendencies.”

“There should be a rating system for social situations like they have for movies – ‘Warning: May Contain Large Crowds and Awkward Small Talk.'”

“When someone tells me to be myself, I always think, ‘Well, which self should I be? The anxious one or the slightly less anxious one?'”

“Social anxiety is like being in a horror movie, except the killer is just friendly people trying to talk to you.”

“I wish there was a ‘mute’ button for my social anxiety. Just press it and all the awkwardness disappears.”

“I have a black belt in avoiding eye contact.”

“If socializing was an Olympic sport, I would definitely win a gold medal in avoiding it.”

“My social anxiety comes fully equipped with both overthinking and blushing capabilities.” MY BOYFRIEND QUOTES AND SAYINGS

“I used to think small talk was the devil’s invention, but now I realize it was actually created to torture socially anxious people.”

“Awkward greetings and sweaty palms – the signature moves of social anxiety.”

“I spend more time mentally preparing for social events than I do actually attending them.”

“Social anxiety: the art of constantly worrying about saying the wrong thing and appearing completely normal at the same time.”

“Social anxiety: when the voice inside your head says, ‘Everyone is judging you,’ but the reality is that nobody is even thinking about you.”

“I’m not lazy; I’m just conserving my social energy.”

“My social anxiety is like an unwanted shadow that follows me everywhere.”

“Having social anxiety is like being in a never-ending game of ‘Act Cool, Don’t Panic.'”

“I don’t fear public speaking as much as I fear public mingling.”

“If overthinking was an Olympic sport, I would proudly represent my country.”

“I have a love-hate relationship with social events. I love canceling, but I hate missing out.”

“Sometimes I wish I could retake all my past social encounters with a ‘do-over’ button.”

“My social anxiety is like a personal trainer for my imagination, always challenging me to come up with worst-case scenarios.”

“Social anxiety is my superpower – the ability to make every conversation awkward within seconds!”