“Jokes are like eggs, they’re only funny until someone gets hurt.” – Unknown

“Sometimes the most harmless jokes can leave the deepest scars.” – Unknown

“Jokes can be weapons disguised as humor.” – Unknown

“Words may be just jokes to some, but they can cut deeper than a knife.” – Unknown

“Be careful with your words, for they have the power to hurt, even as jest.” – Unknown

“In pursuit of laughter, we must be mindful not to cause pain.” – Unknown

“Jokes can be a cruel reminder of insecurities and vulnerabilities.” – Unknown

“The biggest joke is when someone laughs at the expense of another’s feelings.” – Unknown

“Humor should bring people together, not tear them apart.” – Unknown

“A joke without consideration for others can sow seeds of resentment.” – Unknown

“Jokes are meant to uplift, not to belittle.” – Unknown FAMILY GOING THROUGH TOUGH TIMES QUOTES

“Even jokes have consequences, so choose your words wisely.” – Unknown

“A joke is no laughing matter if it leaves someone crying.” – Unknown

“Laughter is medicine, but not when it’s laced with pain.” – Unknown

“Jokes that hurt are the ones that reveal our hidden wounds.” – Unknown

“Words spoken in jest can sometimes leave permanent scars.” – Unknown

“Humor should never be an excuse to be cruel.” – Unknown

“A joke that causes anguish is no joke at all.” – Unknown

“Laughing at someone’s expense should never be the punchline.” – Unknown

“Jokes may be funny, but they should never leave a trail of tears.” – Unknown

“Pain disguised as jest is a bitter pill to swallow.” – Unknown