“The more I get to know you, the more I start to like you.”

“Every interaction we have makes me like you even more.”

“I never expected to start liking someone as much as I like you.”

“You’re becoming someone I can’t help but like.”

“I find myself drawn to you more and more each day.”

“You have a way of making me feel things I never thought I would.”

“I’m starting to see all the reasons why I should like you.”

“Your presence in my life is making me like you more and more.”

“There’s something about you that’s impossible not to like.”

“You’re slowly but surely capturing my heart.”

“It’s becoming harder to deny the fact that I’m starting to fall for you.”

“With every passing moment, my fondness for you grows.”

“You’re making a place in my heart that no one else can fill.”

“I feel lucky to have started liking someone and that someone is you.” FUNNY SELF LOVE QUOTES

“The more I learn about you, the more I realize how amazing you are.”

“I’m starting to enjoy your company more than I ever thought I would.”

“You bring out the best in me and I can’t help but like you for that.”

“Getting to know you has been one of the best choices of my life.”

“I’m falling for you one smile, one conversation, and one moment at a time.”

“You have a way of making my day brighter and my heart lighter.”

“I can’t help but get excited every time I see a message from you.”

“I’m starting to understand why people say falling in love is beautiful.”

“Each time I see you, my admiration for you grows deeper.”

“You’re becoming an integral part of my happiness.”

“I never thought I’d find someone like you, but here you are, stealing my heart.”

“You’re becoming someone I can’t imagine my life without.”