“The best way to keep a secret is to never disclose it in the first place.” – Unknown

“To withhold a secret is to wield power over it.” – Anthon St. Maarten

“A silent tongue and a wise head keep secrets well.” – Unknown

“A secret’s strength lies in its ability to remain hidden.” – Unknown

“Keeping a secret is like walking on eggshells.” – Unknown

“The best way to hold a secret is to pretend it doesn’t exist.” – Unknown

“A secret shared is a secret lost.” – Unknown

“The best secrets are those that remain locked within the heart.” – Unknown

“A secret is safe with those who cherish confidentiality.” – Unknown

“Trust is the foundation of keeping secrets.” – Unknown

“Silence is the fortress where secrets thrive.” – Unknown

“A sealed mouth is the guardian of secrets.” – Unknown

“A secret is like a ghost, always lingering in the shadows.” – Unknown

“To keep a secret, one must become its prisoner.” – Unknown

“The best way to keep a secret is to bury it deep within oneself.” – Unknown

“A secret well-kept is a treasure untold.” – Unknown THANKS GIVING QUOTES TO PARENTS

“A secret entrusted is a bond unbroken.” – Unknown

“The best-kept secrets are the ones forgotten over time.” – Unknown

“In the realm of secrecy, trust is the highest currency.” – Unknown

“To keep a secret, one must become a master of subtle gestures.” – Unknown

“The strongest oaths are sworn in silence.” – Unknown

“A secret is a burden shared by two souls.” – Unknown

“Silence is the key to eternal secrecy.” – Unknown

“A secret whispers, but never shouts.” – Unknown

“The best secret keepers are those skilled in the art of discretion.” – Unknown

“A sealed lip guards the dignity of secrets.” – Unknown

“The most valuable secrets are etched in the chapters of history.” – Unknown

“To safeguard a secret is to become its guardian angel.” – Unknown

“A secret is a commissioned painting, hidden from the world.” – Unknown

“The best-kept secrets are those taken to the grave.” – Unknown