“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” – Mowgli

“Now this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky.” – Akela

“I have no desire to betray my friends. All I want is to go up to a man and say, ‘How do you do?'” – Mowgli

“They teach the Customs and the Laws of the Jungle, lay down the hunting grounds, divide the food, and make all arrangements.” – Baloo

“Man is forbidden!” – Bagheera

“Man is the enemy – a treacherous pack of dogs who will never rest until they have destroyed every last one of us.” – Tabaqui

“Rann, the Kite, brought the news to the beasts of the jungle that Mowgli would hunt with them no more.”

“The creatures of the jungle, man-cub or beast, never made love-contacts with one another.”

“And Man … he lived on fruit and nuts and showed himself a coward. He ran from flocks of little birds that hopped and danced around him to peck at his feet.”

“The monsters… are afraid of the dark!”

“Anger is the hand of darkness upon the strings!”

“In the jungle there are dangers sat deeper, fangs as sharp as knives.”

“He looked at her lovely, ripe, trusting mouth as she spoke, and the calm of the Northland was on Mowgli as he answered.”

“He was a man in little more than his cunning.” INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH

“He opened his eyes, and Mowgli saw that each eye looked into the other, for he was cross-eyed. And they never turned away, no, not even when he slept.”

“Let each wolf keep his mate in his own lair.”

“Let each jackal and every pig and every thief, and every Other Brother mark well his own head.”

“There can be no division.”

“The tiger that broke an innocent law has paid by the loss of his plucked and fatted cattle.”

“It is the man-pack, the man-pack that I am leading.”

“It is not a timeserving tyranny, — they must gather new food for her all the year round.”

“He used to whimper and complain to himself in the time of the great hunger, when there was not much to eat except hides and bones.”

“He ran this way and that, with his tongue hanging out, so doglike.”

“Mother Wolf put them both to bed, and made the old lone wolf who had tended to Mowgli, curl

patiently underneath the thornix until morning.”

“She answered in a shrill, agitated voice: ‘Boy, are you dead, or have you made a magic spell?'”