“Friends, though you have been ‘moored for a little while now, never has a mountaineer who ventured up before explored our island.”

“But when you have enjoyed feast and music, remember to tell me your story, that we may then tell you mine.”

“As soon as my men heard the voice of the monstrous giant, they yelled as if their wits were booming under the lethal pressure. I had half a mind to draw my sharp sword, lounging there, but held back.”

“‘Stranger, who are you? Where do you sail from over the watery ways? And what men are you? – Have you got luck on your side, or do you just put your trust in Zeus, the god of strangers?'”

“I must go and spy out the land that lies beyond, and learn at what point he may land on, willy-nilly, on the long promontory, whether or not there is a sheltered harbor there with a safe landing-place for his or his comrade’s ship.”

“Sir,’ said Aeneas, ‘your voyage is to the end of the earth, and beyond it. In the open sea, not the footsteps of men, that carries you to where no human being has ever ventured.'”

“Now when she finished bathing and anointing, wrapping the raiment about her, Athene made her taller still to make her seem more godlike, and she gave the girl more beauty to allure the eye.”

“No strangers’, Cyclops, since there are no strangers here among the Cyclops, nor have we any gifts, nor did we shrink from Zeus’ lightnings but we persistently, that weak faculty, kept falling in the rear of our obligations.”

“I had brought a goatskin full of the dusk red sweet liquor which I had meant to drink at dinner as a small addition to his banquet, and we hoisted it, Made our pledge and drew honey-sweet wine out of it.”

“So I move towards him, and the sailors, doom-driven they shrank back into the cave. So he seized two, rapping them on the ground, one by his right, and another by his left, dropping their heads upon the floor, to stir and reach out their last violent limbs.”

“So round him the others sheathed their weapons, and we fell to hard heartily, hacking at his side with the steel spears. A fine gray spurt of his brain spilled out through the Cyclops’ nostrils.”

“‘Cyclops, if mortal you indeed are called, and ask what miserable lands you come from, we will speak of them, when you devour our comrades, but do let me have my own hobble back, illustrious sirs!’ and as I spoke I saw he hoisted a great burden.”

“When at last I poured my second measure, I made a prayer to Zeus the Thunderer, devoutly shaking the first vessels before breaking my fast.”

“Next, I took a sturdy wine-skin filled with wine, strong, sweet and refreshing, given me by Maron, Apollo’s priest who lives in Ismaros, Apollo himself set by his side.” CHARITY AT CHRISTMAS QUOTES

“Very evilly made, but they were then handy to us, for just as he made as though he was rounding his wood right through, we got up our pikes behind his loins, and bearing all our strength upon them shoved it into his eye.”

“‘O Cyclops, if indeed mortal you repeated sword drew blood, then Zeus has power and the gods are benign, since not unavenged our cruel deaths are haunting you!'”

“No one ever yet reached the Ithacan country without crossing the wooded feet of Aineia, the ancient stream of the sea.”

“For nine days’ space Odysseus was driven by calamitous winds; the tenth day he made the land of the Lotus-eaters, men who live on that nourishing fruit.”

“Then, leaving both behind, I entered the den of the formidable Cyclops. He gulped down two of my friends, still roaring, and the blood gushed out round his whirling teeth, then sloshed afresh.”

“And I said out, ‘Cyclops, stop it! It is not right to feast on guests. Zeus avenges the suppliant!'”

“Oh, what if I also, partaking in the sweet man-made drink, should run over to slay this monster, sheer brute?’ So I lurched some murmur about him, and straight, without my giving orders, loyal automatons leaped up to spring on their feet.”

“Then the hollow eye-socket spun round the pike and the twisted cone lodged deeply around that weapon.”

“‘Friends, though you have been ‘moored for a little while now, never has a mountaineer who ventured up before explored our island.'”

“Guidance she gave the revolving tide-wind off the summer winds, that blew there, too, blowing along my raft until I approached deep river flowing into a boiling sea.”

“I sat on a peak of the hollow kevels and drowned the grey wave with my multitude of arrows while loudly pressing up there strained eyes for any oncoming wind, driving my arch up into storm-swept frenzy to bring back adventures from the distance.”

“You know there’s ways of plenty good food here. Now Zeus-born Polypoetes has a rival harlot – what’s her name? – Phaethousa – a girl of great beauty. A fresh welcome for wanderers and strangers such as we.”

“When you learn that your work her fruits is done, you define her under my lips. You hold the steading’s praise that you wish, what better way than that?”