“His eyes were filled with fire as he stared at Odysseus, but his heart sagged within him.” – Book 22, line 60.

“Thus the killers plotted my doom. But who can escape death?” – Book 22, line 9

“So they fell, one after another, as birds fall to the ground when they are shot, or when the net comes down on them, or when unhatched chicks are smashed inside their mother’s womb.” – Book 22, lines 121-12

“How easily the brazen lance passed through neck and throat. And the leader of men, the blood-lusting Philoitios, plunged headlong down.” – Book 22, lines 135-13

“Then Athena lifted up Jacobs’s spear, and there she lopped down all the suitors’ heads, as if they were poppies, levelled their foreheads to the ground in the dust.” – Book 22, lines 175-17

“The greatest honour and the greatest courage lie in death.” – Book 22, line 2

“Friends, I wish to throw you a test for how easily you are seduced, and how easily you forget good intentions when you feast in a man’s house.” – Book 22, lines 268-26

“Now that the fighting was done, Odysseus threw his great cloak, his heavy shawl, over his shoulders.” – Book 22, lines 381-38

“Noble Odysseus always has victories. Is there anyone who can surpass him in cunning?” – Book 22, line 5

“They held the doors up against contagion as long as they could, until Odysseus shouted at them and called them to him.” – Book 22, lines 545-54

“Argos, the dog Odysseus left behind when he sailed for Troy, saw him at last in the twentieth year of his absence.” – Book 22, lines 683-68 POSITIVE FUNNY INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FOR WORK

“The fathers who begot them suffer in sorrow when a son dies before his time.” – Book 22, line 858

“Now the queen of men, Penelope, heard the shouts.” – Book 22, line 88

“Proud Odysseus, you were always the strongest. No one else could bend your bow.” – Book 22, lines 1038-103

“Each of them chose a side in that great war.” – Book 22, line 11

“He himself, knowing the fleur-de-lys hooks on the ships of Circe, would not steer his feet over soft ground.” – Book 22, lines 1221-122

“Go now and stand beside the door and see what the women are saying to each other.” – Book 22, lines 1328-1329

“The murderer was dispatched, and he is lying on the ground beneath the colonnade with his mouth gaping wide, and his dark blood dripping.” – Book 22, lines 1372-137

“They won’t see me and make fun of the sun, as the scum of humans do. I asked the gods, and they made me a beggar.” – Book 22, lines 1454-145

“Food and drink are better here, and tables with gold on top, with all the meal laid out upon them, and the sun shining.” – Book 22, lines 1501-150

“But the mother of gods wipes away tears from her eyes, gives joy, and banishes what goes against the gods’ commands.” – Book 22, lines 1566-156