“When an individual appears openly before others, there is usually back-stage activity which contradicts the front.” – Erving Goffman

“We learn to present ourselves to others by observing how others present themselves to us.” – Erving Goffman

“In social situations, we are constantly performing and adjusting our behavior to conform to the expected norms.” – Erving Goffman

“Our interactions with others are like a series of performances, where we play different roles to fit the situation.” – Erving Goffman

“The self is not something that one possesses, but something that one does.” – Erving Goffman

“We carefully construct our social identities to maintain the desired image in different situations.” – Erving Goffman

“Our self-presentation aims to manipulate the impressions others have of us.” – Erving Goffman

“The presentation of self is a strategic activity where we highlight certain aspects and hide others.” – Erving Goffman

“We are all actors on the stage of social life, performing our roles to create a harmonious interaction.” – Erving Goffman

“Our self-presentation is a form of impression management, where we try to control how others perceive us.” – Erving Goffman

“Our clothing, gestures, and even our facial expressions are carefully chosen to convey a specific image to others.” – Erving Goffman BIBLE QUOTES ABOUT FEELING DEPRESSED

“The presentation of self involves both deliberate and unconscious actions.” – Erving Goffman

“Even the smallest details, like the way we sit or stand, can convey important messages about our identity.” – Erving Goffman

“We use props and symbols to enhance our self-presentation, such as carrying expensive items or using certain language.” – Erving Goffman

“Our self-presentation is influenced by societal expectations and norms.” – Erving Goffman

“We engage in impression management to maintain a favorable image and gain social acceptance.” – Erving Goffman

“The presentation of self is a constant performance that requires effort and self-awareness.” – Erving Goffman

“Our self-presentation can be influenced by our desire for approval and acceptance from others.” – Erving Goffman

“We often adapt our behavior and appearance to fit into different social roles and situations.” – Erving Goffman

“The presentation of self shapes our interactions and helps us form social identities that align with our desired image.” – Erving Goffman