“No matter how hard you try to hide the truth, it always finds a way to come out.”

“The truth may be hidden for a time, but it will eventually reveal itself.”

“Lies can only cover up the truth temporarily; the truth has a way of surfacing and exposing itself.”

“The truth is like a seed planted deep within, and no matter how much you try to bury it, it will always grow and break through the surface.”

“The truth is relentless; it will not be silenced or hidden forever.”

“The truth has a habit of knocking on the door of our hearts until we finally let it in.”

“It takes courage to speak the truth, but it takes even more courage to face it when it comes out.”

“Truth is a silent storm that may take time to brew, but when it hits, it can be both gentle and destructive.”

“The truth is an unwelcome guest that refuses to leave until it has been acknowledged and accepted.”

“The truth is a burning flame that no amount of lies can extinguish.”

“You can try to bury the truth, but it will always come to the surface, like a shoot breaking through the ground in spring.” I WILL NEVER GIVE UP QUOTES

“Truth is a relentless seeker, never resting until it is unearthed.”

“The truth may be kept hidden, but it will always whisper in the ears of those who seek it earnestly.”

“Truth has many layers, but it cannot stay hidden forever; each layer peeled back reveals a glimpse of what lies beneath.”

“The truth is patient, biding its time until the moment is right to reveal itself, like a predator waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.”

“Truth has a way of slipping through the cracks, finding its way to the light despite all efforts to keep it in the dark.”

“The truth may be suppressed, but it cannot be erased; its imprint remains, waiting for the right circumstances to be unveiled.”

“The truth is a powerful force; it may be delayed, but it can never be denied.”

“The truth may be inconvenient, unsettling, or even painful, but it will always prevail in the end.”

“The truth is a beacon that cannot be extinguished, shining its light on even the darkest of secrets.”

“No matter how skillfully you construct a lie, the threads of truth will eventually unravel the deception.”