“Good guys still exist. You just have to be patient enough to find them.” – Unknown

“Good guys will always treat you with respect and kindness.” – Unknown

“Don’t lose hope, there are still good guys out there.” – Unknown

“A good guy will always love and cherish you.” – Unknown

“Good guys are like rare gems, but they do exist.” – Unknown

“Good guys will never play games with your heart.” – Unknown

“In a world full of chaos, there are still good guys who want to make it better.” – Unknown

“Good guys don’t give up on love, so don’t give up on finding them.” – Unknown

“Good guys will see your worth and never take you for granted.” – Unknown

“Just when you think there are no good guys left, destiny introduces you to one.” – Unknown

“Good guys are the ones who make you believe in love again.” – Unknown

“Good guys will always stand by your side, through thick and thin.” – Unknown

“If you keep faith, good guys will eventually find their way to you.” – Unknown

“Good guys will never break your heart, they will mend it.” – Unknown

“It may take time, but the universe has a way of bringing good guys into your life when you least expect it.” – Unknown QUOTES ABOUT FUNNY LOVE TAGALOG VERSION

“Good guys don’t come with a label, but their actions speak louder than words.” – Unknown

“Good guys are the ones who lift you up instead of tearing you down.” – Unknown

“Good guys will always make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world.” – Unknown

“Good guys don’t need to be convinced to treat you right, it comes naturally to them.” – Unknown

“The right guy will make you realize why it never worked out with the wrong ones.” – Unknown

“Good guys will bring peace and stability into your life.” – Unknown

“Good guys are the ones who will always have your back, no matter what.” – Unknown

“Don’t settle for less, hold out for the good guys who will make your dreams come true.” – Unknown

“Good guys will never make you question your worth.” – Unknown

“The world is full of good guys, you just have to be open to finding them.” – Unknown

“Good guys will bring out the best in you and inspire you to be a better person.” – Unknown

“Good guys will treat you like a queen and make you feel like one.” – Unknown

“Good guys will make an effort to be in your life, no matter the circumstances.” – Unknown

“Don’t lose hope, because good guys eventually find their way to good girls like you.” – Unknown