“The power of unreliable intuition is truly astounding.” – Daniel Kahneman

“We are prone to believe what we want to believe, rather than what the evidence supports.” – Daniel Kahneman

“The mind prefers stories over statistics, even when the stories are less reliable.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Our thinking is often influenced by the vividness of information, rather than its actual probability.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Intuition often leads us astray because it is influenced by biases and heuristics.” – Daniel Kahneman

“A reliable way to make decisions is by using a disciplined and systematic approach.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Our mind requires significant effort to suppress intuitive thinking and rely on a more rational approach.” – Daniel Kahneman

“We often jump to conclusions without sufficient evidence, giving more weight to what comes to mind first.” – Daniel Kahneman

“We are overconfident in our own abilities and tend to overestimate our capabilities.” – Daniel Kahneman

“The ability to recognize one’s own limitations is crucial for making better decisions.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Systematic thinking is often tiring and demanding, which is why we rely on intuition so heavily.” – Daniel Kahneman

“The brain is a lazy system that prefers to work on autopilot, using heuristics rather than fully analyzing situations.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Making fast decisions can be beneficial in certain situations, but can also lead to errors and biases.” – Daniel Kahneman

“We often make judgments and decisions based on the ease with which relevant examples come to mind.” – Daniel Kahneman

“The more effort required to understand information, the less likely we are to use that information in our decisions.” – Daniel Kahneman LIKE MINDS ATTRACT QUOTES

“Expert intuition can be developed through deliberate practice and experience.” – Daniel Kahneman

“We can improve decision-making by identifying and minimizing the influence of cognitive biases.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Investing time and effort in thinking slowly can lead to better decision outcomes.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Emotions can greatly influence our decision-making process, sometimes leading us astray.” – Daniel Kahneman

“We often underestimate the role of luck and randomness in our lives and attribute too much to skill or causality.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Anchoring bias can cause us to rely too heavily on a single piece of information when making decisions.” – Daniel Kahneman

“The availability heuristic leads us to believe that things that come to mind easily are more frequent or important.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Decision-making can be improved by actively seeking out information that contradicts our initial beliefs.” – Daniel Kahneman

“We tend to remember our own predictions as more accurate than they actually were.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Focusing too much on a single attribute or feature can distort our overall perception and lead to biased decisions.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Context plays a vital role in decision-making, often leading to different outcomes based on the framing or presentation of information.” – Daniel Kahneman

“The framing effect shows that people’s decisions can be influenced by the way a problem is presented.” – Daniel Kahneman

“Humans are not rational decision-makers, but rather intuitive beings who often use irrational shortcuts to reach conclusions.” – Daniel Kahneman

“By understanding the biases and flaws in our thinking, we can become better decision-makers and avoid common pitfalls.” – Daniel Kahneman