“We couldn’t defend Cuba without air superiority” – Robert Kennedy

“I guess that’s the nature of the world. People only see what they’re willing to see.” – Robert Kennedy

“We can’t let that asshole push us around.” – John F. Kennedy

“There’s always been a few men ready to stake their lives for what they thought was right, but not enough of us to fill up a group portrait.” – Ken O’Donnell

“If we only elect presidents who never make mistakes in judgment, we’ll never get a president.” – Kenny O’Donnell

“It’s not victory, it’s the avoidance of utter disaster that counts.” – Kenny O’Donnell

“We will not be pushed around.” – John F. Kennedy

“We’re here to protect our country. That’s what we’re doing.” – Robert Kennedy

“I think every thoughtful American will be grateful for your candor, your courage, and your clear understanding of the lessons of history.” – Robert Kennedy

“It’s easy to make mistakes, it’s much harder to correct them.” – Robert Kennedy

“Leadership is not about popularity, it’s about doing what is necessary, regardless of public opinion.” – Robert Kennedy

“I will not let the world be plunged into nuclear war.” – John F. Kennedy

“The human mind is simply incapable of grasping the magnitude of the destruction nuclear weapons can cause.” – John F. Kennedy

“We must never forget that our ultimate goal is the preservation of peace.” – John F. Kennedy

“Hope is not always enough. Sometimes we have to act.” – Robert Kennedy QUOTES ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF WATER

“The men who run this government are no different than the men who run any other government. The only difference is we’re closer to the brink.” – Robert Kennedy

“We are so far from being able to respond to a nuclear attack that it’s almost laughable.” – Robert Lovett

“There’s no such thing as a good war, Mr. President. They’re all bad.” – Kenny O’Donnell

“Better to be strong and wrong than weak and right.” – Robert McNamara

“We can’t allow ourselves to be paralyzed by fear. We have to act.” – Dean Rusk

“Sometimes, the most courageous act is to do nothing.” – Kenny O’Donnell

“It’s easy to propose military action, but it’s much harder to execute it successfully.” – Robert McNamara

“We want to find a peaceful solution, but we will not tolerate continued provocation.” – Robert Kennedy

“The world holds its breath, waiting for us to make our move.” – John F. Kennedy

“We are a peaceful nation, but we will not be pushed around.” – Robert Kennedy

“There are moments in history that define who we are as a nation. This is one of them.” – John F. Kennedy

“In times of crisis, we must rely on the strength of our convictions.” – Robert Kennedy

“We must never forget that the consequences of war are not limited to the battlefield.” – Robert McNamara

“We can negotiate, we can compromise, but we must never back down from our principles.” – John F. Kennedy