“Time heals everything, just give it time.” – Unknown

“In time, the heart heals itself, and the pain lessens.” – Unknown

“The passage of time allows wounds to transform into scars, marking the strength of your healing.” – Unknown

“With time, even the deepest wounds can gradually fade.” – Unknown

“Time is the greatest healer, slowly mending what was once broken.” – Unknown

“In the process of time, pain becomes a memory and scars become a reminder of strength.” – Unknown

“Time takes what hurts and turns it into something beautiful.” – Rupi Kaur

“Time may not solve everything, but it does diminish the intensity of our sorrows.” – Unknown

“The hands of time hold the power to mend what is broken.” – Unknown

“As time passes, the shadows of past hurts grow thinner, allowing the light of healing to shine through.” – Unknown

“Time eases the pain, making it bearable to carry.” – Unknown

“Time is a gentle force that softens the edges of our sadness.” – Unknown HUMANITY SAYINGS QUOTES

“With the passage of time, wounds gradually lose their power to consume us.” – Unknown

“Time grants us the opportunity to grow beyond our pain.” – Unknown

“Even the deepest wounds can find solace in the arms of time.” – Unknown

“Whispered by the clock, time silently stitches our broken pieces back together.” – Unknown

“Time wipes away the tears, leaving behind a trace of resilience.” – Unknown

“Healing is a journey that time guides us through.” – Unknown

“Time brings perspective and understanding, helping us find peace within.” – Unknown

“With each tick of the clock, time patches the cracks in our hearts.” – Unknown

“Time carries us through the storm, leading us to calmer shores.” – Unknown

“Cherish time as your silent ally in the process of healing.” – Unknown