“Pride is the silent killer of relationships.” – Unknown

“Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.” – Thomas Merton

“Pride ends relationships. Humility creates and nourishes them.” – Unknown

“Pride will always ruin a relationship. Humility and love will always strengthen it.” – Unknown

“Pride keeps us apart, but humility brings us together.” – Unknown

“The biggest obstacle in a relationship is pride. Leave it behind.” – Unknown

“Pride is the downfall of many relationships. Let go and embrace humility.” – Unknown

“Pride says, ‘I don’t need you.’ Love says, ‘I want you.’ Humility says, ‘I am blessed to have you.'” – Unknown

“In a relationship, pride should never outshine love.” – Unknown

“Pride is loud, but love speaks softly.” – Unknown

“Don’t let pride come between you and the one you love.” – Unknown

“Pride destroys relationships, but humility nurtures and strengthens them.” – Unknown

“Pride tries to win arguments, while love tries to win hearts.” – Unknown

“Pride creates distance, but humility bridges the gap.” – Unknown FRIENDS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE QUOTES

“A relationship without pride is a relationship filled with love.” – Unknown

“Humility builds trust, while pride erodes it.” – Unknown

“Pride will always push love away. Let go and let love lead the way.” – Unknown

“True love requires humility, not pride.” – Unknown

“Pride makes walls. Love builds bridges.” – Unknown

“A proud heart is a lonely heart. Let love soften it.” – Unknown

“Pride is a relationship’s kryptonite. Set it aside and choose love.” – Unknown

“The essence of a strong relationship lies in humility, not pride.” – Unknown

“Pride takes, but love gives. Choose love in your relationships.” – Unknown

“Pride is toxic to love. Be humble and let love flourish.” – Unknown

“Pride blinds, but love sees clearly.” – Unknown

“A prideful person cannot truly love. Let go of your pride and embrace love.” – Unknown