“Accept the reality, but change the plan.” – Koon Aguero Agnis

“In order to gain something, you have to present something of equal value.” – Rachel

“Strength can be misleading, a true victor needs strategy.” – Lero-Ro

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” – SIU

“Sometimes, the right path isn’t the easiest one.” – Baam

“Power doesn’t have to be unfair or cruel. It all depends on how you use it.” – Khun Eduan

“You can only overcome darkness by shining even brighter.” – Yuri Zahard

“One can only deserve power by giving it up freely.” – Ha Yuri Zahard

“No one can betray you if they are already betraying themselves.” – SIU

“Even the path you take for others may end up being a path of selfishness for yourself.” – Baam

“The Tower selects an irregular to climb its floors, but irregulars also have the freedom to choose their own paths.” – SIU

“There’s no need to fear death, as long as you’re still alive.” – Urek Mazino

“The stronger you grow, the lonelier you become.” – SIU POSITIVE INSPIRATIONAL CHEER UP QUOTES

“Those who seek power must forsake something in return.” – SIU

“It’s not about winning or losing; it’s about the fight itself.” – Baam

“The weak are not meant to survive.” – SIU

“A pitch-black night that swallows up the light. A night filled with despair, death, and tears. That’s the night you have to face alone.” – Koon Eduan

“The Tower is never to be trusted, but it’s worth the climb nonetheless.” – SIU

“You can’t expect others to understand your goals if you don’t express them clearly.” – Rachel

“Sometimes, the most dangerous enemies are the ones who appear to be your allies.” – SIU

“The past cannot be changed, but the future is in our hands.” – Baam

“To protect someone, sometimes you have to push them away.” – Khun Eduan

“True power is not determined by rank or position; it lies within oneself.” – Baam

“Strength is not measured by physical abilities, but by one’s determination and willpower.” – SIU

“It’s not about being on top, it’s about rising above and creating your own destiny.” – Baam