“If trucking were easy, it would be called your mom’s job.”

“Keep calm and truck on.”

“Truckers make the world go ’round.”

“Drive it like you stole it.”

“Born to be wild and drive a truck.”

“Wake up, drive trucks, repeat.”

“Truckers deliver with heart.”

“Highways are my second home.”

“I don’t need a GPS, my truck knows the way.”

“In trucking, we haul more than just goods, we haul the economy.”

“Life is a highway, and I’m driving it.”

“The only thing stronger than a truck is a trucker.”

“Trucking: keeping the world moving one mile at a time.”

“The road is long, but so is the paycheck.” INSPIRE YOURSELF QUOTES

“Real truckers wear miles, not smiles.”

“Trucking: where the rubber meets the road.”

“Truckers: masters of the open road.”

“Yield to the trucker, or become my hood ornament.”

“Truckers: the kings of horsepower.”

“Trucking ain’t for the weak.”

“Truckers never run out of road.”

“If you can’t handle the diesel, stay out of the truck.”

“Truckers: the knights of the asphalt.”

“I’m a trucker, and I’ve earned the right to be on this road.”

“There are two types of people: those who drive trucks and those who wish they could.”

“Truckers don’t need a gym membership; we stay fit hauling loads all day.”