“Dosti main killayar none hota, ae dil, dosti mein khuda hota hai.” – Mirza Ghalib In true friendship, there are no deceitful people, oh heart, God resides within friendship.

“Aik doosre par qail rehna, bharose ki nishani hai.” – Unknown Staying committed to each other is a sign of trust.

“Mohabbat mein umeedon par khara hona, dil se bhi zyada bharosa hai.” – Unknown Having faith in expectations in love is even more important than trusting the heart.

“Dil ko saath nibhane waale, zindagi bhar saath nibhate hain.” – Faiz Ahmed Faiz Those who stand by your side, keep accompanying you for a lifetime.

“Jab bharosa toot jaye, to rishta kayam rehta hai.” – Unknown When trust is shattered, the relationship remains intact.

“Din bhar bharose ka tohfa dedo, raat mein sachchai ke jaal chadhaye rakho.” – Unknown Give the gift of trust throughout the day, and keep the thread of honesty woven at night.

“Dil toota hai phir bhi aitbaar hai, ye rishta mohabbat ka hai.” – Unknown Despite a broken heart, there is still trust; this relationship is of love.

“Agar apni qismat ko bhool jana chahte ho, toh kisi par vishwas mat karo.” – Unknown If you want to forget your fate, then don’t trust anyone.

“Jab tak rishta bharose par chal raha hai, tab tak sab kuch theek hai.” – Unknown Everything is fine as long as the relationship is based on trust.

“Dil ka rishta paas reh kar bhi bohat door hota hai.” – Unknown The heart connection can be distant even when physically close.

“Aankhon ki chamak pe bharosa na rakho, apno ki mohabbat pe bharosa rakho.” – Unknown Don’t trust the sparkle in someone’s eyes; trust the love of your loved ones.

“Mohabbat aur bharosa, dono hi rishte ki adhura kar dete hain.” – Unknown Love and trust both complete a relationship. QUOTES ABOUT MOVING AWAY AND STARTING A NEW LIFE

“Waqt aur bharosa, dono ek saath chalne chahiye, ek chalne par chhoot jaaye to rishte mein darar padti hai.” – Unknown Time and trust should go hand in hand; if one is left behind, it creates a rift in the relationship.

“Zindagi bhar ka bharosa nahi hota, uski toh koi had hoti hai.” – Unknown Trust doesn’t last forever; it has its limits.

“Bharosa ek glass hai, agar toot gaya toh jodna mushkil hota hai.” – Unknown Trust is like a glass, once shattered, it is difficult to mend.

“Bharosa agar ek baar hil gaya, toh dobara woh samaan nahi ho sakta.” – Unknown Once trust is shaken, it can never be the same again.

“Bharosa kum hona hi dil todta hai.” – Unknown It is the lack of trust that breaks hearts.

“Jazbaat aasani se tode ja sakte hain, lekin bharosa nahi.” – Unknown Emotions can be broken easily, but trust cannot.

“Jis rishte mein bharosa nahi hota, woh rishta mazboot nahi hota.” – Unknown A relationship without trust is not strong.

“Bharosa tut jaye, toh rishtey mein dilon ki larai shuru ho jaati hai.” – Unknown When trust is broken, the fight between hearts begins in the relationship.

“Mohabbat mein bharosa hone se hi rishte nibhaye jaate hain.” – Unknown Relationships are sustained only by trust in love.

“Bharose ke rishton ko sambhal kar rakhna, wohi sachcha pyaar hai.” – Unknown Taking care of relationships based on trust is true love.