“The truth will always find a way to come out, no matter how hard someone tries to hide it.” – Unknown

“Truth is like a wildfire; no matter how much you try to suppress it, it will eventually consume everything in its path.” – Unknown

“The truth may be hidden for a while, but eventually, its light will shine through the darkness.” – Unknown

“The truth can be delayed, but it can never be denied.” – Unknown

“The truth may be painful, but it is the only path to freedom and healing.” – Unknown

“Lies may travel faster, but the truth will always catch up in the end.” – Unknown

“The truth is like a boomerang; no matter how far it’s thrown, it will always come back.” – Unknown

“Truth has a way of revealing itself through the cracks of deception.” – Unknown

“The truth may be temporarily obscured, but it will never be permanently extinguished.” – Unknown

“Hiding the truth is like holding a beach ball underwater – it may stay submerged for a while, but eventually, it will pop back up.” – Unknown

“The truth is a powerful force that cannot be silenced or extinguished; it will always prevail.” – Unknown

“The truth is like a compass; it will always guide us in the right direction, no matter how lost we may feel.” – Unknown FEELINGS ARE TEMPORARY QUOTES

“Truth is not only about revealing facts but also about embracing vulnerability and authenticity.” – Unknown

“The truth may sting, but it is the only medicine that can heal.” – Unknown

“The truth may be bitter, but it is the only path to growth and enlightenment.” – Unknown

“No matter how well someone plays the game of deceit, the truth will always win in the end.” – Unknown

“The truth is a relentless pursuer; it will never stop until it is uncovered and acknowledged.” – Unknown

“The truth is a powerful weapon; it can conquer any lie or misconception.” – Unknown

“The truth is like the sun; it cannot be permanently hidden, no matter how many clouds try to cover it.” – Unknown

“The truth may be uncomfortable, but it is the only foundation upon which trust and authentic relationships can be built.” – Unknown

“In a world of deception and masks, the truth stands as a beacon of hope and clarity.” – Unknown

“The truth has no need for defense; it can stand on its own against any falsehood.” – Unknown