“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” – Kahlil Gibran

“Ugliness is not in a person’s appearance, but in their actions and words.” – Unknown

“A beautiful face is nothing without a beautiful heart.” – Unknown

“Good looks attract the eyes, but a good personality attracts the heart.” – Unknown

“Your personality makes you beautiful or ugly, not your physical appearance.” – Unknown

“Pretty is as pretty does.” – Unknown

“Ugliness is the disregard for the feelings and well-being of others.” – Unknown

“A kind heart is more attractive than any physical beauty.” – Unknown

“A negative attitude can make even the most beautiful person look ugly.” – Unknown

“You can’t camouflage an ugly soul with a pretty face.” – Unknown

“Your true beauty shines from within, regardless of your external flaws.” – Unknown

“True ugliness lies in a person’s actions, not their physical appearance.” – Unknown

“A beautiful personality is a rare gift, cherish it.” – Unknown INSPIRATIONAL PLASTIC SURGERY QUOTES

“An ugly personality can ruin the most beautiful face.” – Unknown

“Strive to be beautiful on the inside, for that is where true beauty resides.” – Unknown

“You can’t hide an ugly personality behind a mask of beauty.” – Unknown

“Your character defines your true beauty, not your physical features.” – Unknown

“Physical beauty fades, but an ugly personality lasts forever.” – Unknown

“A genuine smile is more attractive than any makeup or cosmetic product.” – Unknown

“Happiness and kindness are the keys to true beauty.” – Unknown

“A beautiful personality can transform an average person into a stunning individual.” – Unknown

“Ugliness is not in how you look, but in how you treat others.” – Unknown

“A person’s true beauty is reflected by their actions, not their appearance.” – Unknown

“Being kind is the most attractive trait a person can have.” – Unknown

“Beauty without depth is just decoration without substance.” – Unknown