“Dil ko jo chahata hai wo mohabbat hai, aur tumhari har saans meri zindagi ka ehsaas hai.”

(What the heart desires is love, and every breath of yours is the essence of my life.)

“Tumse judi hai meri har khushi, tumhare bina zindagi adhoori hai.”

(Every happiness is connected to you, life is incomplete without you.)

“Tumse milke, har ghadi hai khushiyon ki saugaat.”

(Meeting you has brought happiness in every moment.)

“Tere naseeb mein meri mohabbat ki duaon ka asar hai.”

(The effect of my love’s prayers is present in your destiny.)

“Har lamha tumhare saath jeene ka ahsaas.”

(The realization of living every moment with you.)

“Tumhari hansi meri zindagi ka sabse khoobsurat saaman hai.”

(Your laughter is the most beautiful possession of my life.)

“Tum meri zindagi ka sabse bade tohfe ho.”

(You are the biggest gift of my life.)

“Tumhari mohabbat meri zindagi ki roshni hai.”

(Your love is the light of my life.)

“Tumse behtar rishta hai iss dunya mein koi nahi.”

(There is no better relationship in this world than ours.)

“Tum mere saath har musibat mein mujhe hausla aur himmat dete ho.”

(You give me strength and bravery in every difficult situation.)

“Tumhare bina zindagi adhuri hai, tumhari har saans meri zindagi ka maqsad hai.” RIP MY SISTER QUOTES

(Life is incomplete without you, every breath of yours is the purpose of my life.)

“Tum meri dil ki dhadkan ho, aur iss dhadkan mein basi ho.”

(You are the heartbeat of my heart, and you reside in it.)

“Tumse judi hai meri har khushi, tumhare bina koi sukh nahi hai.”

(Every happiness is connected to you, without you, there is no joy.)

“Meri zindagi ka ek aur saal tumhare saath khushiyon se bhara hai.”

(Another year of my life is filled with happiness spent with you.)

“Tum meri duniya ka sabse pyara tohfa ho.”

(You are the most precious gift of my world.)

“Tum meri zindagi ka saath ho, aur iss safar mein humesha mere pass raho.”

(You are my life partner, always stay by my side in this journey.)

“Tum mere liye sab kuch ho, aur mere liye sabse zyada maayne rakhte ho.”

(You are everything to me, and hold the utmost importance in my life.)

“Tumse pyar karna mere liye mazhab hai.”

(Loving you is like a religion to me.)

“Tumhari har muskurahat meri khushi ka aina hai.”

(Your every smile is a reflection of my happiness.)

“Tum jahan ho, wahi meri jannat hai.”

(Wherever you are, that is my heaven.)