“Sometimes letting go is the best way to hold on.”

“When love is real, it finds a way. When it’s not, it finds an excuse.”

“A relationship runs its course when the heart can no longer find its way back.”

“Sometimes the greatest act of love is acknowledging that you are no longer meant to be.”

“Don’t hold onto a relationship just because of its history; let it go if it no longer serves you.”

“It’s better to end a relationship than to live in constant disappointment and misery.”

“When a relationship has run its course, the only thing left to do is to set each other free.”

“Letting go doesn’t mean giving up; sometimes it means choosing yourself and your own happiness.”

“When a relationship becomes more draining than fulfilling, it’s time to move on.”

“Closure comes when we accept that some relationships are not meant to last.”

“Holding onto something that has already let go of you is not love, it’s fear of being alone.” FAMOUS SATIRE QUOTES

“You deserve happiness, even if it means accepting that your relationship has come to an end.”

“Life is too short to settle for a relationship that no longer brings you joy.”

“Don’t cling onto a dying relationship out of comfort; embrace the unknown and start anew.”

“Sometimes we have to let go of a person to grow and find our own happiness.”

“The end of a relationship is not a failure, but an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.”

“When a relationship has served its purpose, it’s time to gracefully release it and move forward.”

“Closing a chapter is painful, but it’s necessary to open the next beautiful one in your life.”

“Relationships bloom and wither, it is nature’s way of showing us what belongs and what doesn’t.”

“Letting go of a relationship that has run its course is a brave act of self-love.”