“The window to the world can be found in your own backyard.”

“Look out the window and see the beauty that surrounds you.”

“A window allows us to glimpse into the future.”

“The window to the soul is through the eyes.”

“Sometimes the window is a better view than the TV screen.”

“A clear window brings clarity into your life.”

“The view from a window can inspire new perspectives.”

“The window to happiness is through gratitude.”

“A broken window does not mean a broken spirit.”

“The window to knowledge is through education.”

“A window can be a portal to endless possibilities.”

“The view from a window can uplift the spirit.”

“Through the window, see the world unfold before your eyes.”

“A window is a reminder that there is always light outside.”

“The breeze through an open window whispers secrets of nature.”

“A stained glass window tells a story of history and art.” QUOTES ABOUT PERCEPTION OF SELF

“Windows offer glimpses into other people’s lives.”

“Sometimes we need to close the window to find inner peace.”

“A window is a reminder that we are part of something bigger.”

“The window is a canvas, waiting to be filled with dreams.”

“Through every window, there is a different perspective.”

“A foggy window mirrors a foggy mind.”

“A window allows us to connect with nature.”

“The raindrops on a window can be a beautiful symphony.”

“The window to success is opened by determination and hard work.”

“A cracked window tells a story of resilience.”

“The view from a window can be a source of inspiration for creativity.”

“A closed window symbolizes missed opportunities.”

“Through the window, we can see the passage of time.”

“The window is a reminder to always keep looking forward.”