“Wishing you good health and safety today and always. Take care!”

“May you be blessed with excellent health and safety in all that you do.”

“Sending positive vibes for good health and safety your way!”

“Here’s to your good health and safety. Stay strong!”

“Wishing you a healthy and safe journey ahead.”

“May good health and safety surround you and your loved ones.”

“Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy. Sending you my best wishes!”

“Wishing you a long, happy, and healthy life filled with safety and wellbeing.”

“Keep your spirits high and your health intact. Take care!”

“May you always be in good health and safe from harm.”

“Sending love, prayers, and well-wishes for your continued good health and safety.”

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. Wishing you good health and safety.”

“May every step you take be filled with good health and safety.”

“Wishing you strength, good health, and safety during these challenging times.”

“Sending you positive energy, good health, and safety.”

“Good health and safety are the greatest blessings. Take good care of yourself.” POSITIVE QUOTES FOR SOMEONE ILL

“Sending you wishes for a healthy, happy, and secure future.”

“Wishing you a lifetime of good health and a shield of safety around you.”

“Health is wealth. May you always be rich in good health and safe from harm.”

“May you be surrounded by a protective shield of good health and safety.”

“Sending you warm wishes for good health and safety today and every day.”

“May your life be blessed with good health and a safe, secure environment.”

“Wishing you peace, good health, and safety in mind, body, and spirit.”

“May good health and safety follow you wherever you go.”

“Sending you hope, good health, and the strength to overcome any challenges life brings.”

“Wishing you a healthy and safe future filled with love and happiness.”

“May you be granted good health and safety on your journey towards achieving your dreams.”

“Sending you best wishes for a healthy, secure, and fulfilling life.”

“Wishing you good health, safety, and the courage to face any obstacles that come your way.”

“May good health and safety be your constant companions. Take care and stay well!”