“A snitch is not a winner. A snitch is just a rat.” – Yogi Berra

“Snitches get stitches.” – Unknown

“If you’re snitching, you’re just betraying someone’s trust.” – Unknown

“Snitching is never the answer. Loyalty is.” – Unknown

“The easiest way to lose trust is by becoming a snitch.” – Unknown

“A true friend wouldn’t snitch on you.” – Unknown

“Snitching is a shortcut to betrayal.” – Unknown

“A snitch is just a coward who can’t face the consequences of their own actions.” – Unknown

“Snitching only brings temporary relief and long-term regret.” – Unknown

“A snitch is someone who values their own reputation more than their friendships.” – Unknown

“A snitch may get temporary protection, but they’ll always carry the guilt of betrayal.” – Unknown

“Snitching is the coward’s way out of taking responsibility for their own actions.” – Unknown

“A snitch is nothing more than a traitor to those they call friends.” – Unknown

“Snitching is like burning bridges you may need to cross in the future.” – Unknown QUOTES TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK

“A snitch will always be haunted by their own shame and guilt.” – Unknown

“Beware of those who are quick to snitch; they will never have your back.” – Unknown

“Snitching is a reflection of a weak character and lack of integrity.” – Unknown

“The true measure of a person’s loyalty is never being a snitch.” – Unknown

“Snitching is just a short-sighted attempt at self-preservation.” – Unknown

“A snitch may think they’re protecting themselves, but they’re actually damaging their own reputation.” – Unknown

“Snitching is never a noble act; it’s a desperate act of self-preservation.” – Unknown

“Snitching is a betrayal that will always leave scars.” – Unknown

“Real friends don’t snitch; they have your back no matter what.” – Unknown

“Snitching may earn you temporary favor, but it will cost you long-lasting trust.” – Unknown

“A snitch may win the battle, but they’ll lose the war when it comes to trust and respect.” – Unknown

“Snitching is an act of self-serving betrayal; it’s never justified.” – Unknown