“I work best when the office is empty, but the vending machine is fully stocked.”

“Working late means I get to talk to the cleaning crew more than my own family.”

“Working late is my way of showing Netflix that I’m still committed.”

“I work late so often, my desk has a permanent imprint of my face on it.”

“I don’t have a bedtime, I have a work-time.”

“Working late is like playing hide and seek with the sun.”

“If working late was an Olympic sport, I’d be a gold medalist.”

“I tell myself I’m working late to avoid rush hour, but really, I’m avoiding the gym.”

“Working late is just an excuse to wear pajamas in the office.”

“My computer screen becomes my personal disco ball when I work late.”

“Working late is my way of proving that there’s life beyond pizza delivery hours.”

“I’m still waiting for ‘working late’ to be considered an extreme sport.”

“Working late is like being in a secret club where everyone has bags under their eyes.” 2 YEARS FRIENDSHIP ANNIVERSARY QUOTES

“I could start a side business with all the late-night snacks I consume at work.”

“Sometimes I feel like a nocturnal creature when I work late, but without the cool superpowers.”

“Working late is a great way to catch up on my relationship status with spreadsheets.”

“I may not have a social life, but at least I have my trusty office chair as my companion.”

“Working late feels like a never-ending game of ‘catch up.'”

“Sleep is overrated, I’d rather be the MVP of the night shift.”

“I work late so I can have my five minutes of glory in the office empty selfies.”

“It’s funny how ‘just a few more minutes’ turns into ‘why is the sun coming up?'”

“Working late is my version of attending a never-ending productivity seminar.”

“I’m convinced the office printers have secret meetings when everyone leaves, and that’s why they never work when I’m late.”

“Working late is my excuse to learn the names of all the janitors, security guards, and office ghosts.”