“The truth may hurt, but it is an essential part of growth and self-discovery.” – Unknown

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” – Gloria Steinem

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” – Thomas Jefferson

“Those who are afraid of the truth are destined to live a life of lies.” – Unknown

“In a room full of art, I’d still stare at you.” – Unknown

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose, and it will defend itself.” – St. Augustine

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” – Oscar Wilde

“The truth is rarely as glamorous as the lie we want to believe.” – Unknown

“Sometimes the truth is so deep that it takes someone with the courage to speak it, to hear it.” – Emma Thompson

“The truth doesn’t cost anything, but a lie could cost you everything.” – Unknown

“The truth is like a puzzle. It may be difficult to piece together, but once you do, everything becomes clear.” – Unknown FATHER DAUGHTER QUOTES FROM DAUGHTER

“The truth will always come out, so it’s better to face it head-on than to hide from it.” – Unknown

“The only people mad at you for speaking the truth are those living a lie.” – Unknown

“Truth is the most valuable thing we have, so let us economize it.” – Mark Twain

“The truth may sting for a while, but it’s better than living with a constant lie.” – Unknown

“Truth hurts, but denial kills.” – Unknown

“The truth hurts, but silence kills.” – Unknown

“You can handle the truth by confronting it, accepting it, and using it as a catalyst for change.” – Unknown

“The truth is rarely as bad as we imagine it to be.” – Unknown

“The truth will always find a way to surface, no matter how hard we try to bury it.” – Unknown

“The truth may be hard to swallow, but it is the only way to truly grow and evolve.” – Unknown