“Sometimes, your actions make me question my worth.”

“You have a way of diminishing my abilities and making me feel utterly useless.”

“Being around you makes me feel like I’m incapable of contributing anything meaningful.”

“Your words and actions often make me doubt my own value.”

“I can’t help but feel useless when you constantly belittle or disregard my efforts.”

“Your constant criticism makes me feel completely worthless.”

“When you make me feel useless, it’s hard to find motivation or confidence in anything I do.”

“I often feel like a burden in your presence, as if I’m completely useless.”

“Your dismissiveness makes me question my abilities and render me feeling useless.”

“I wish I could feel valued and appreciated instead of always feeling useless around you.”

“Your constant comparisons to others make me feel useless and inadequate.”

“Your lack of support causes me to doubt myself and my capabilities, leaving me feeling utterly useless.”

“Your indifference towards my efforts makes me feel like my contributions are pointless and insignificant.”

“Your words cut deep and make me feel like I’m nothing but a useless presence in your life.”

“I want to feel valued and useful, but your actions consistently diminish that possibility.”

“Your constant need to control and criticize leaves me feeling utterly useless.” LIVE LIKE LION QUOTES

“I often feel like I’m just filling up space in your life, unimportant and useless.”

“It’s disheartening how you make me doubt my worth and leave me feeling completely useless.”

“Your constant disregard for my opinions and ideas make me feel utterly useless.”

“I struggle to see my purpose when you consistently make me feel useless.”

“I wish you could recognize my value instead of making me feel useless.”

“Feeling useless seems to be my default state when I’m around you.”

“Your behavior makes me question why I even bother trying, leaving me feeling utterly useless.”

“Your lack of appreciation makes me feel worthless and useless.”

“Your dismissive attitude towards my efforts leaves me feeling utterly useless.”

“The way you always undermine my abilities makes me feel completely useless.”

“Your constant negativity and criticism erode my self-esteem, leaving me feeling useless.”

“Your unwillingness to acknowledge my contributions leaves me feeling utterly useless.”

“I can’t help but feel useless when you consistently overlook or devalue my skills.”

“Your actions and words make me feel like I’m just a burden, utterly useless.”