“You are the person who knows me better than anyone else.”

“You are the one I can always count on, no matter what.”

“You understand me in ways that no one else does.”

“You are my rock and my anchor.”

“You make me feel safe and loved.”

“You are the one I trust with my deepest secrets.”

“You are my best friend and confidante.”

“You are the person who brings out the best in me.”

“You have seen me at my worst and still love me unconditionally.”

“You make every day better just by being in it.”

“You are my person, and I am so grateful for you.”

“You make me laugh like no one else can.” QUOTES ABOUT LOVE PERSEVERANCE

“You are the person I want by my side through every adventure and challenge.”

“You are the one who believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself.”

“You are my soulmate and the love of my life.”

“You are the one who makes life worth living.”

“You are the person I want to grow old with.”

“You know how to make me feel better when everything is falling apart.”

“You are my cheerleader and biggest supporter.”

“You are my person, and I am yours, forever.”

“You are the one who makes me feel whole.”

“You are not just my person, but also my home.”