“Lies have expiration dates, the truth always comes out.”

“No matter how well you cover your tracks, your conscience will haunt you until the truth is revealed.”

“The web of deception you weave will eventually ensnare you.”

“The truth has a way of snatching away your fa├žade, leaving you exposed and vulnerable.”

“Deception may give you temporary advantages, but the consequences will always catch up with you.”

“Hiding the truth is like burying a ticking time bomb that will eventually explode.”

“Your lies may seem clever, but the truth will conquer your deceit.”

“You can run from the truth, but sooner or later it will find you.”

“The more you try to hide, the faster you’ll get caught.”

“Truth is a relentless pursuer, never satisfied until it is brought to light.”

“Nobody can outrun the consequences of their lies.”

“The darkness of deceit only intensifies the brightness of truth.”

“In the end, the web of lies you spun will trap you.” RAJINIKANTH QUOTES IN ENGLISH

“The truth may be slow, but it never fails to catch up with those who deceive.”

“The truth is patient, but it will always win in the end.”

“Lying may grant you temporary relief, but it will always demand repayment.”

“Every lie you tell is a seed of your downfall.”

“The more you try to evade the truth, the more it will pursue you.”

“Your secrets will inch closer to the surface with every passing day.”

“Lies have a way of unraveling themselves, revealing the truth within.”

“Deception may provide temporary relief, but it will never lead to lasting peace.”

“Truth is an unstoppable force that breaks through the walls of deception.”

“The longer you deceive, the greater the fall when you’re exposed.”

“The truth is like daylight; it will eventually shine through the darkest lies.”